The Gallery

We are pleased to officially announce the opening of The Gallery St Tropez this coming Season 2016..

Official date forthcoming.

The opening exhibit will highlight the works of contemporary artists including Una St Tropez whose striking canvases depict intense emotions and carefully chosen characters.
” I like to think that there is a continues communication between the subject and the observer, long after the artist has moved on”, claims the artists whose initial contact with her subject creates the whole story ahead.
“That story is all that matters, more so than the form itself, although we are talking about the portraits. It is not the form, it is something far beyond the form that matters. That “something” cannot be named as it is simply formless”.

The exhibit also includes works by Artist Untitled whose abstract works will be revealed for the first time ever. Artist Untitled started as the figurative artist who established the “title” on the international art scene for the past 15 years. Following the repetitive trips to the “end of the world” the artist decides to strip away the title and dedicate “That Which Remains” to art itself.

From form to formless, from ego to liberty the artist makes path to what is essential – to Art.

The gallery will host guests artists throughout the season with the aim to place the art in a wide range of public and private collections.

For more information, call 0033 6 20 51 15 63 or mail