Coffee time @ The Gallery

Sasha de St Tropez
Questions & Answers
Guest Artist – Sasha de St Tropez
Delightful moments shared with our Guest Artist Sasha at Passage du Port, this sunny afternoon in St Tropez.
In spite profound sadness expressed for the loss of  his lifelong inspiration, iconic artist Prince,Sasha found witty answers to our  “arty questions”:
Q1 -“St Tropez, in few words”
Sasha: “Surprise…Every day is a surprise.”
Q2 – “What do you propose to the current Art Scene of St Tropez?”
Sasha: “Innovation without fear.”
Q3 – “What are your fondest art memories?”
Sasha: “That what I am about to create.”
Q4 – “You – described by your art”
 Sasha: “Observe it and you will find me.”
Q5 – “Message to your audience”
Sasha: “Believe forever.”

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