Interview with Tilen Sepic

Tilen Sepic - artist

Discovering art equals feeling personalities behind, connecting with the artists and drawing them out.
We have asked our artist Tilen Sepic the following questions:

1. Does your artwork reflect your life story?
It is my interpretation of philosophy that you need a negative space for having a positive space, in this case you need a darkness if you want to understand the light.
2. Where were you born and where are you living today?
I was born in Ljubljana, now I am living in Berlin
3. Do you think that by changing your environment you could change your “Art Story”?
I think that environment plays an important role for an artist or creator. But it is not necessary the physical environment that plays a role, there are invisible environments that connects people, specially in our time having an internet/web equality.
4. Are you happy?
 What does “Happy” means to you? 
It is really hard to say what is Happy, because everything is subjective in time. I see the world as a “way” and not a “certain state”. I think that walking the right way makes us (as human beings) feel happy, even if we are not “currently” happy.
5. How do you feel about the Art Market in relation to Artist VS Business?
I try to design my life that would erase the border between “work” and “play”. That would be ideally applied also into art&business as one whole thing.
6. What is your recipe for success?
Recipe is having no recipe, just positive values and vision.
7. Happy to be presented in St Tropez?
Sure, thank you, it is a nice place on Earth

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