Tilen Sepic

Tilen Sepic - artist

Tilen Sepič is a multidisciplinary designer, new media artist and promoter of “open source” culture. His experience with light is manifesting in light-design objects, iot design, product photography and light installations. Currently he is developing a practice on research and development of his own products in fields of light design, internet of things and new-media art.


Tilen’s work focuses on the fundamentals, exposing its key technology, material, function or cause. Lately he is promoting experience design over material styling with ten years of experience in industrial design and production.His work in light design objects and installations is currently focused on how the artificial light affects the brain, changing the mood, experience and productivity, the same way natural light does. His passion for playing with sensory inputs gives him the edge to work in interactive design and art installations.

With ongoing research of new media and latest technologies, he is consulting or holding many workshops, currently specialised in “Internet of things” design and open source digital manufacturing systems, that would lead to more sustainable way of creating everyday objects, researching their future values and also potential dangers that these technologies could and will bring in our everyday life.

His experiences with light can be also seen in (studio) product photography, motion photography and interactive photography works which are focused on fast evolving web and mobile media. With many blogs and websites, he experiment in viral behavior and alternative publishing of video/photo original content.

Together with Theremidi orchestra group, experimental electronic AV collective, they are active in open source, hacking and DIY fields, exploring the new terrains in electronic music. They performed, exhibited and held workshops at over thirty festivals and exhibitions mostly in Europe e.g. Piksel Festival in Bergen Norway; LiWoLi Festival in Linz, Austria; PoolLoop in Zürich, Switzerland; U3: Triennial of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Eyebeam, Brooklyn, NYC, to name just a few.

Decade ago he worked as a designer in product design studio Gigodesign, involved in multiple mass-production objects. Later he co-founded design studio Rompom, when they worked on more sustainable products, small scale productions and interior design. He also established community-based urban bicycle and culture community “Muslauf” and co-founded co-working creative space “Creative Zone Šiška” which was the main boiling point to the next big project Pop-up dom – a temporary shop, exhibition and community space, platform for promoting young Slovenian designers, with exhibitions in Ljubljana, Milan, Venice, Vienna, over last three years.
In the fields of rapid manufacturing, open source and education he co-founded “Poligon Maker Lab”. He is also running a photo studio, specialised in tabletop product photography and videography.

Studio space:
Prinzessinnenstrasse 29
10969 Berlin
Germanycontact: tilen@sepic.cc